On Hair: When Its Cold Outside

It is no secret the winter months, especially in the northeast of the county can and will wreak havoc on our hair. We, and by we I mean ME, must be diligent in making sure we go the extra distance to keep our hair moisturized. A month into the Fall weather and I’m not doing so great.

My hair needs a little bit of TLC. I have been pretty busy and honestly working from home I have to give myself a big push to prep and style my hair everyday. Pulling it back, braiding it in two cornrows and throwing on a hat is not conducive to well moisturized tresses. Today I aim to be more diligent.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize– Is that always the first thing every natural hair blogger says you should do? I’m a natural hair blogger follower so I listen, except when I’m being lazy. I try and live by the LOC method- Leave In Conditioner/Liquid, Oil, and Cream.  Currently I am obsessive over Camille Rose products. Her products are wonderful, I can’t help but support her story as a black woman owned business, and I can buy them at my favorite place in the world Target.

Because I’m also obsessed with anything that says coconut, oil or water, I’m trying out the CR Coconut Water Leave-In.t If its like the other CR products I currently own I will no doubt be happy with it but I’ll let you know.

I’m not picky about my coconut oil as long as it is organic virgin and has a sight nutty smell that makes me think of beaches and cool waters.

I use the curlaide as my butter and it works phenomenal on my braid outs. When I run out of this stuff it I can definitely tell the difference in my hair. For me this method works well when I’m consistent. Throughout the week I do have to spray my ends and seal with oil, it is the driest part of my hair and sometimes I really am careless with it.

I do need to up my deep conditioner game.  I was using the CR algae deep conditioner but since I ran out I have been using shea moisture. I add a little honey to it. I will probably do one this week because I know my tresses are parched and suffering.

I was told to invest in a humidifier for the winter months. Humidifier will keep the dry air moisturized when I have the heat cranked up to eighty.  Sounds perfectly logical to me and it feeds the product junkie monster.

I would love to hear back from my natural sistas as to what you do to keep your hair from being a fail in the winter.

Humidifier or Hair steamer?

Hair Crush Right now- naptural85. The absolute awesomeness of this picture gives me life. The hair and makeup is everything. I wish I could pull this off but I know better!


2 thoughts on “On Hair: When Its Cold Outside

  1. Shahidah, My hair is coming back after a long period of neglect, from my workload and not going out enough to care how it looked honestly 🙂 The humidifier is essential. Believe it or not, I am a black woman only recently getting back to oils on the scalp and spray moisturizers every day. Also, I learned a lot of gray strands I was seeing came from Vitamin D deficiency, because I stay in for days at a time working, and apparently melanin production goes. So solutions that seem to be working are Vitamin D pills, seaweed, molasses, and walnuts high in copper. For now it’s resting in microbraids all winter and I can’t wait to debut a great new head of hair in spring! Keep at it…Kalisha


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