On Sunday: Reflection

I don’t know if the world will ever be free of evil.  Evil comes in so many forms and is played out in so many actions. Evil is the attack on Kenya, Beirut, and Paris. Evil is the fight against the poor and the needy. It is the belief that one group is superior than all others. Evil is the belief that one religion should be the religion of all. Evil is slaughtering families, communities, and whole cities for one ideology. It is the belief that one way is the only way. Evil is calling kids nigger on college campuses. It is burning crosses. Evil escapes our finger tips as we type and taunt the most hateful messages to others and say it is our freedom to do so. Evil is the message that All Lives Matter except when their is melanin in the skin and you’re a twelve year old boy playing in the park alone. Evil is choosing who is to be protected and who is not. Evil is rape, sexual molestation and slavery. It is domestic violence and police brutality. It is denying a job because you don’t approve of their name, their skin, or gender. Evil is all around us in many forms and played out in many actions.


I don’t know if the world will ever be free of evil but I do know we are the worst of children because we still don’t know how to coexist without trying to destroy the other. The planet is ours and it is huge and there is enough room for people who don’t look like you, don’t think like you, nor share your same spiritual beliefs.

I don’t know if the world will ever be free of evil, it’s been a ongoing battle for centuries and here we are still fighting it. We have to still keep fighting it and maybe one day…*sigh* maybe one day…

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
Mother Teresa


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