On Televison: Mara Brock Akil & MJ

Black television has changed drastically the last five years and African American women writers are leading the way. Black women on TV are no longer the loud obnoxious here’s-my-shoulder-to-cry-on side-kick to the leading white actress. We are holding down our own stories and killing the fashion game cuz yes, we do rock and Mara Brock Akil is using her pen to to make our Tuesday nights Mary Jane fabulous.

I have to admit I can sometimes be a huge BET snob but Being Mary Jane has me tuning in every week. I stay up late for Being Mary Jane because when I watch the show I see so much of my girlfriends and myself in the characters, whether they want to admit it or not.

This is BMJ’s third season and after every show I am singing Mara’s praises. The dialogue is so us, the drama is so us, and the realness is so us. Like last season when she tackled the Ugly Black Woman (Netflix has season two catch it if you haven’t already)72bd8628494475-55c2b276e1ab9

Mara is tackling the unspoken issue of sex abuse, depression, interracial relationships (or hookups)and suicide and we are only five episodes into the season.

The absolute best thing I love about BMJ is Mara unveils real black women and our relationships with one each other. Girlfriend relationships can be up and down, toxic and healthy, crazy and uplifting but what most of them are not are like the insane relationships we see on reality television shows (I’m eyeing every black woman who stooped low to throw a wine glass at a so-called girlfriend). Last week when MJ’s friend producer came to her crying after midnight because life and family had gotten out of control for her and asked MJ to make her some homemade brownies and MJ did…my sista, my sista!! I know a lot of you know you have one friend like that. I would talk isht but I’m making the damn brownies. Mara shows us how much we as women depend on each other as anchors, as pillars, as conscience. We have our men, we have our children but there is nothing like having that ride or die chick.

We have quite a few shows we can choose from on television these days and I say watch all of them but please don’t forget Being Mary Jane on BET



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