On Sunday Movies: The Lunchbox

If you are looking for a quiet romantic movie this afternoon let me suggest the Indian movie The Lunchbox. I love a subtle and classic romance and the The Lunchbox delivers. mv5bmtuwmzc1njizmv5bml5banbnxkftztgwoduymtixmte-_v1_sy317_cr00214317_al_

The movie takes place in Mumbai, India. They have this insane lunchbox system where the wives prepare lunch for their husbands and a courier collects it and drops it off at the husbands place of work everyday. It sounds simple but the magnitude of lunch boxes and the hustle through the Indian streets looks chaotic but supposedly it is one of the best run courier systems in the world and never make mistakes. However, this one time a lunchbox is delivered to the wrong person.

Ila, a young housewife, carefully and lovingly prepares lunch for her husband who is distant and cold, barely notices. Saajan, a retiring cranky widower benefits from the courier mistakes. They start up a dialogue through small notes. As simple as the notes are they are very revealing and comforting to the other. It is that simplicity which makes the movie so heartwarming and charming. I feel the excited expectation Saajan and Ila feel when they sit down and read the others entry on their life. I am rooting for them as anyone would when love comes not from physical attraction but through a connection of the soul. They tell each other things they are barely able to confess to themselves. I totally get this, it is comforting to have someone in the world understand you when you are fearful of being misunderstood and judged from the people around your day to day life. It is that aspect which I love in the movie. In this day we have lost the art of letter writing but there are many emails and texts that serve the same purpose of a note in a lunchbox. I wholeheartedly enjoyed it, right up to the screen went black.

It is a worthy Sunday afternoon movie for the old romantics out there!


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