On December: Where Did 2015 Go


I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by. On one hand it has been wonderful because I was able to watch my granddaughter for the past year grow. Nothing is more wonderful than seeing the leaps and bounds changes babies make. They start with nothing but curiosity but each month they accomplish something great…they crawl, they walk, they discover real food…every month offers up hours of discovery and achievement. On the other hand for adults it can be less about fun curiosity and more about the finish line. I look at the past year and immediately become critical of my own achievements.

I want to  be excited about the past year but most of my lessons have been hard. I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…so they say. I’m still here and still on plan to be my own boss in 2016 albeit not the first month of January as hoped. My daughter gave me wonderful encouragement about starting a business: One thing you can count on is that you have to adjust to how your plan may change.  So, this month I am dedicating to making adjustment to the changes and taking a cue from my lovely granddaughter and grow.

Cheers to December


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