On RHOA: Run Kim, Run!


I’m not going to post how ridiculous reality shows are. I already posted that I am not a fan of the genre but last week I thought I would give RHOA a watch because…Tootie.

facts9984I grew up with Kim Fields and even copied that mushroom hairdo back in the day. So, I was curious when I heard she would be on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now that NeNe Leakes is gone I figured a lot of the toxic behaviour would go with her…OMG how could I be so wrong.

Again, I’m not going to get into a lecture about how badly these shows represent women,especially Black women, because if you are there for them I know I can’t talk you out of it no matter how ratchet it is.  Let me say this to Kim Fields though ‘Run Forrest, run!!!’ If what I saw of you the last two episodes is any indication of who you are then you are clearly out of your depth. The ratchetness is too deep on this show and you can’t save elevate your career with these ‘women’. I don’t know what your finances are but if it is really tight then I understand but if you are doing this for face time then its now worth it. I rather see you hosting a game show.


It does not matter how much money these women claim to have. How fly their clothes may be. How sophisticated their boat parties appear they are trash. If they are into these antics because it is scripted or if this is really how they roll does not matter…they are trash. It was one thing when they were just throwing champagne at one another, I don’t know where they do that, but each year they elevate to a level of drunken violence and last week was no difference. I refused to watch last nights episode even though the real fight was taken place. I’m not here for that. Two grown women arguing and then fighting for no other reason than a misunderstanding caused by too much alcohol, is bottom barrel. By the way I think Cynthia needs to take 60% of the blame for this nonsense. Porsha 40% for just not walking away when she saw her explanation of events were not going anywhere.

I wish these shows would just disappear but they seem to be growing on every channel and there is no shame whatsoever from the participants. I caught an episode last week of Love and Hip Hop with Ray J and omgoodness…I knew Ray J was a hot mess but dude do you really want to represent yourself and your family like you do on this show?

Seeing Black people behave this way on television is really sad because although people say tv is not the final influencer it is an influencer. Watching these women carry on the way they do is just like supporting those disgusting fight videos on mediatakeout. Kim please don’t let those broads change who you are and if you really are like these women please leave the show now so we never get to see that side of you. Nothing good will come out of this. Run Kim, Run!!




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