On Dresses: Party Style

The ONE thing I love about the holiday season is the holiday parties. I prefer dresses because it takes the guess work out of finding a top and a bottom…all I need to obsess over is the proper shoe which usually turns into a major meltdown.

There have been many times when I tried to step out of myself and buy a dress that I felt reflected a more creative side of me but it never ended comfortably. It is hard being beautiful if you are constantly wondering if others like a dress you are not even sure about. I’m a firm believer in wardrobe reflecting your comfort zone and then adding accessories or smaller bits that may create a bolder side.

Last week I discovered the stylewe.com site and I have been on it everyday since.  Here are a few of the dresses I am spying…






The dresses selected here are in my cart. I picked them  because they are simple which fits my style. As much as I love prints and really bright colors on others I can’t seem to pull it off. These prints are pretty basic and grey is just my go-to color, even more so than black.

Hopefully they will get here on Tuesday  and I if I’m feeling bold I’ll add some pics of myself in them…I’m really camera shy.

Now to find the shoes…


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