On The New Year: Helping Hands

Happy New Year

First Monday of the year and after a long break it is time to get back into the grind of things.

I’ve taken the last few days to figure out what can really be different in this new year for me. I’ve made all the same old resolutions before- eat healthier, exercise, socialize more etc. etc. etc. I start off well but by March I fall back into lazy habits and its a seesaw for the rest of the year. However, there is one resolution I am vowing to take this year and that is to ask for help.

I am a person who goes it alone much of the time. Maybe I suffer the only child syndrome but it is very hard for me to ask for help especially when I am drowning. I usually save myself but there are many times things could have been simpler if I just reached out to people. In this instance I do not communicate what is really going on very well.

2016 I am opening my own business and the prep is excruciating. I have endured many sleepless, anxiety-filled nights. My days have been filled with self-doubt and tears but my reasons have remained sound. My passion has only grown but in order to get where I want to go successfully I must crawl out of my shell and ask for help.

Connecting and relying on the expertise of people offering their skills is paramount in any business, no matter how high you think you can soar solo you will need help, eventually.  I am seeing this as a part of the big picture.

My goal this year is to seek out people who can reinforce ME and my goals. I am always available to help the next person but I now realize I have to be available to receive help.





2 thoughts on “On The New Year: Helping Hands

    1. It’s is through this process of seeking entrepreneurship and creating a safe space for our children that I realized I have to let others fit in to my plan because it is for all of us. Its still scary just asking, may father asked me what I needed him to do and I stumbled on every word because I hate asking. CRAZY LOL but now I’m working on a list. He might be sorry 🙂 I appreciate your support and am consistently encouraged by you. I do hope we get to meet up in a few weeks.


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