On Life: Close Doors

New beginnings often start with an ending. Doors must be closed. Trust there are times that whatever is behind them is not for you, anymore. Move on.

I hate to come off as preachy but sometimes I have to be that friend. There is nothing wrong with leaving things and even people behind. Things that brings us more stress than happiness need to go. People that bring negative energy need to go. It is hard  slamming doors on things we feel we must have and on people we think we cannot live without but everything is a process and eventually other doors open and we are guided to something better.

It really isn’t hard to know when something is not for us. When we have to talk ourselves into it everyday…not for us. When we have to convince everyone else around us that it is good…probably, not for us. If we wake up everyday dreading the hours spent doing things we don’t love and with people who consistently bring us pain and bad energy then we need find a way out… there are other doors.

To begin again we must find an ending.

Let it go. Close the Door. Move on.


Beautiful Closed Doors

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