On Television: Underground


A few months ago I had no idea I had WGN but when I heard they were making Underground I made it my business to make sure it was one of my subscription channels. Unfortunately I’ve been missing out because I caught the first season of Salem on Netflix a year ago and completely missed season two on WGN.

Underground premiered Wednesday night at 10pm and I started to just watch it on Demand the next day but I am so glad I fought off the old lady needs to go to bed mind frame and watched.

I know there are a lot of black Americans who are tired of seeing us portrayed as slaves on the screen, however it is a great part of our history and I think this generation needs to be very aware of it. I have never looked as our enslavement as a weakness but one of great resilience.  Our history books may make it sound like we were slaves, didn’t resist, and then Lincoln freed us but we were actually fighters, we resisted, and many of us freed ourselves. Underground has a variety of characters and the strength I saw in just the first episode made me proud. Our history is not one of inhumanity and we did not accept it from slaveowners.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell always brings power to her characters, from way back when she was a little girl in Eve’s Bayou and she did not disappoint. She leads a great cast of characters. The series is only ten episodes and honestly emotionally I don’t think I could handle a full season of episodes…the first one had me in tears. I felt some of that pain in my soul as I’m sure a lot of people did.

The last few years we as African-Americans have had a great variety of representation on television and from Blackish to How To Get Away With Murder and Underground is definitely a powerful addition.




Please support our positive images on television, in film, and everyday in your own personal settings.


2 thoughts on “On Television: Underground

  1. That show was everything and I will never get tired of shows or movies with OUR people portraying the slavery of OUR people. it was hard to watch especially when the woman killed her newborn baby and said, “He’s safe now.” I stopped breathing for a long time. Then when Jurnee Smollett- Bell’s character was being whipped, I couldn’t find air fast enough. I read her interview on it and she said after that scene she fell down and just cried. I would have to because it’s so powerful and shows what really happened, what OUR people went through. I don’t even watch tv but I will be watching this.

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    1. What I loved was how each character had that resilient strength it just resonated out of their pores…Im glad it is only ten episodes lol. Love Jurnee, she has great insight. I think i would have broke down and cried for hours after that.

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