On Sunday: Plan Your Week


I realize if there is anything I want to accomplish during the week I NEED to plan for it. Having tasks in my mental to-do list only works for so long and I find a lot of things slip by because I haven’t given it the importance it needs.  Sometimes even the smallest things need to be planned in your week. Planning ahead of time always increases productivity and accomplishment. So today before your week starts PLAN YOUR TASKS.

Plan Your Projects: Are you working on any big projects either for you nine to five, your own hustle, or personal tasks. Plan those and assign time to do them during the day/week.Figure out what your deliverables are and give your self a deadline. Life often throws us curveballs but if you are able to schedule and commit to that time, more often than not you will find yourself completing tasks and meeting goals.

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff: Add a few of those things that at the end of the day you face-palm yourself for forgetting like paying the electric bill, making a doctor appointment etc. Add at least one of these a day to your week.

 Plan What You Will Wear: How I feel about tackling my day is often reflected in what I wear. Most days its pretty good and I look fine but some mornings I wake up feel like crap and dress accordingly and usually by noon I don’t feel like crap anymore but I still look like crap because I picked out a crap outfit. So I try to pick out clothes for the week based on what I have scheduled.

Plan Your Meals: If you are anything like me the older I get the more concerned I am about what I eat. I am not overly body conscious but I do like to feel healthy, strong, and without bellyfat. #thestruggle  Planning meals is actually quite easy but it takes few moments of thought. I try to plan my lunch by what I actually cooked for dinner the previous night or by throwing together a simple salad and adding chicken or salmon for the next few days. I used to only plan Monday through Thursday and treat myself to pizza or burgers on Friday but now I don’t even feel the need to do that.

  • Think about what foods you want to incorporate into your diet.
  • Don’t overbuy. Don’t go to the store on the weekend and stack up with fruits and vegetables thinking you are going to eat all of it in one week. If this is a lifestyle change chances are it will take a couple of weeks to really acclimate yourself into this new habit. Its better to have to go back to the store midweek than to throw food out because it went bad. yw0212h_minty-greek-salad-recipe_s4x3

Plan to Workout: Eating alone will not make you healthy and strong. I have a 100 year old aunt who still does aerobics zumba. Often times I say I don’t have enough time to dedicate myself to exercise but anytime I am sitting in front of the television is time I could invest in exercising. Just Do It!







4 thoughts on “On Sunday: Plan Your Week

  1. I love this! Especially the comment about the small stuff! It is funny how easy it is to put off the little things that could accomplished in a couple of minutes. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you enjoyed. Funny thing about the small things they can lead to big things. I’ve been putting off calling verizon about my cable bill. Hated paying $148 for tv i dont watch. Put it off for weeks, too embarrassed to admit it’s been since January, called last night and had it dropped to $113. Womp womp
      Yeah, don’t forget the small stuff 😂😂😂


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