On Money: Financial Goals


resolutions-size-xxlarge-letterboxAre you where you need to be financially? When you were twenty-five were you thinking about your bank account at forty-five? For me it was all about my 401K then the financial crisis happened. It became evident that I needed less dependency on my company matching my contributions and more dependency on what I could put away to save for my future.

I consider myself a practical spender but I have my moments of impulse spending when I feel bouts of depression or stress, however I have managed to stay head and shoulders above the water. When a lot of my married friends were losing their homes in 2008, me a single woman managed to keep that bit of security for my children and myself. I said no to big name cars when I wanted them, I DIY’ed projects when I wanted to pay others for those services, and I lived in H&M and Zara’s in order to look good.

Flash forward to today and although I can pat myself on the back for a few things I cannot say I lived up to my goals of having the money I wanted available to me at forty-eight. But it’s not too late to keep working on building the nest egg I want to have at sixty and beyond.


Here are a few blogs I follow to help me stay motivated and on track of my financial goals.

  1. gogirlfinance.com I love this blog because it encourages me to view all of my talents as a side hustle. There is money to be made by doing the things you love and this blog encourages that while pushing me to live within my means.
  2. http://www.thefrugalfeminista.com Interesting and inspiring stories as well as insightful commentaries. This article helped me to realize I was shopping impulsively during bouts of depression and recognizing it so I would deal with the stress instead of just suppressing it with new shoes.
  3. http://www.clevergirlfinance.com I found this site on instagram and although she is selling her service she does give great advice and has some good basic saving articles. I admit I had to stop myself from buying a few of her things because everything is so pretty.

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