On Style: Fashion in Box

I love that we are living in a time where we can get just about anything at our front door. I have subscribed to more than a few (before I had to get financially fit) from make-up and hair to shoes and groceries. I went a little crazy and had to reassess what I was spending because frankly I was disappointed more than I was happy with some of the products. But as always Instagram has me re-thinking yet another ‘in the box’ deal…a whole outfit.

Style is important to me. I don’t obsess over it but I want to look good and I want to present myself in the best possible way, most days anyway. As I get older I often wonder if I am dressing my age, whether it be too young or too old, your mind sometimes can’t seem to be make the connection of age as your body does. Career wear is pretty simple for me. I like a wrap dress or a simple sheath both go well with a mid heel or flat.

Now evening wear is where I fumble. I like a mature look I guess but feel out of sorts in a sexy look so if there is a simple sexy look like a sexy wrap then I’m all in for it. I always feel like I need a second, third and fourth opinion when going out. I end up changing many times before I settle and my out of the box looks never make me feel comfortable. I hate feeling my outfit is boring yet simple styles work best for me although in my head I want to change it up. I end up with a slight variation on the dresses above. I would like to be a bit more daring in the evening even with some of my daytime looks. Annnnnnnd that is when I feel a stylist on hand would be wonderful but I question these online ‘in a box’ even if I love them at first.

When I tried Shoe Dazzle I was throughly disappointed every time. I wanted to stretch but  I think they took it past my limits. I found a lot of the shoes cheap looking. Even the flats were not up to my taste.


Just not me

I came across Stitch Fix online and it offers styling in a box for all areas of your life- career, evening and weekend. Looking at the boxes on Instagram  enticed me to take their online style test. I loved the looks but would I love the look when it landed on my front porch?

I didn’t see a lot for evening wear but there were a few and I loved their boho chic and casual wear…very funky. I question if I want to spend $200 and upwards on one outfit a month though and what my financial goals are for this year seems a bit much. I’ve been putting together a fashion vision board for myself because I have so many magazines I’ve been clipping pictures of styles I like. I think if I focus on what I’m comfortable in and tip toe my way to more eccentric looks it will be on my own terms but I still love the idea of this box!




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