On Planning: Get Organized

My organizational skills are far from the greatest which is why I write everything down and try to keep my to-do list on a schedule. I do, however, let things get away from me now and then.


My filing game starts out strong with me putting all papers in their folders neatly tucked away by subject, date, and level of importance. My desk is in order with pens easy accessible, three-hole punch and stapler at my side, and printer clear of any objects other than the paper in the bin. My mind feels clear…my focus is sharp and my game is hella strong. I am getting shit done!

Then something flips or flops. I get distracted and my mind is not as sharp, I feel a bit out of focus and that’s the day instead of filing the necessary papers away I leave them on my desk with the intent that I will file them away later. But I don’t file away later I start to build a little stack of papers that don’t go to together- household bills, leasing agreements, school assignment etc. etc. etc.- all in one stack. Now I’m pissed because it will take twenty or more to go through the pile I created when I could have forced myself to file it the first go round.

Now I’m in papers-from-hell catch-up mode and that is never a good mode to be in because it’s a pain in the ass.

Organizing for me keeps me focused. If my desk is cluttered my mind feels cluttered and I can’t seem to get back to what I’m doing till there is a semblance of order.

I buy a lot of pretty things to ‘help’ me keep myself organized because I am a product junkie and when I have something new it does help me to focus for a bit. But those few days of pretty-product-bliss is not enough to keep me proactive in organizing myself …pretty things just feed the junkie in me so I stick with the basics ideas of organization.

  • I write things down-I make a schedule every week then rewrite it every night
  • I focus on what I need few mins in the morning
  • Things come up I try to be prepared
  • I make sure to have the proper tools to help me stay organized
    • a calendar/planner
    • file folders
    • proper desk accessories
  • I set up file folders on my computer to drop documents into so I don’t need a hard file

I am the person who consistently has to put effort into decluttering and organizing.

I know a few people who can live in their organized chaos but I can’t. I like to have order. Even if I’m not 100% strict to following it I always come back to the tasks that keep me organized. After I fall off the track I take the extra time to get back to the place I need to be.


Everyday make a conscious effort to not only be focused on what you want to accomplish but also be aware of how you are keeping your focus organized. Things will slip up because life… but get back to it.

Staying organized is staying in control.





These pics satisfy all my product junkie issues yet still keep me focused. I can’t cure all my issues in a day 🙂



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