On Politics: Make America Great, Again?


I’ve been avoiding politics on my blog for some time now. It is a toxic subject for me yet I watch political commentary, read political articles, and stay tapped in from the time I open my eyes and read the first post of the day on Crooks and Liars till I read the last post  when I close them at night. I have honestly been a political junkie since my third grade class and my teacher Mr. Cummings introduced me to the Boston Globe and their commentary section in a Current Events class.

Now, this election cycle is the most unique one for anyone’s lifetime. I consider myself a conservative liberal…more middle of the road and with a basic common sense approach to life and politics but lets be real basic common sense in politics is missing no matter what side of the aisle you sit. I believe in basic human rights, I believe in basic respect for all human lives and I believe no color, religious denomination, sexual orientation, or race is exempt from that. That is what I believe as a Black American citizen.

But America, in its greatness, has always exempted people because of color, religious denomination, sexual orientation and race. It has always been in politics… it has always been in our government perpetuated by our politicians and  our justice system however surreptitious it has always been exemption has always been a part of America. ALWAYS.

Now we hear some American’s want to make America great again. I’m all for it because my  ancestors tried to make America great when they fought for their basic human rights before and after slavery but were met with Jim Crow laws. They kept fighting to make America great when they fought in American wars and yet were snubbed when they got home. They still wanted to make America great again fighting for for basic civil rights in the sixties. And here we are in 2016 trying to make America great by exposing the inequalities of a bias judicial and economic system.

I’m all for making America great and fighting for the basic human right to live especially when I see so many injustice in place when unarmed black men and women are killed by police, when my children are not treated as well as others when they need care  in a hospital, or when based on my color and gender it is almost certain I will make less than my counterparts. So HELL YEAH I’m all for making America great -its the again part I have an issue with when I look in the faces of the people chanting this slogan line at rallies.

They don’t hold up hold up signs advocating for greatness. I see signs of the confederate flag and chants to throw people out of the country and to go back to Africa. I see signs banning people based on race and religion. There are no signs of inclusion only signs of exclusion. As a Black American woman I am ALL for greatness in America but it is clear that a lot Americans, more than I want to believe, only want that greatness to be about them, to secure their safety in the world, to be the great white America they believe is denied them because other humans are just asking for the same standards.I don’t hear inclusion for anyone in any of the speeches at these Make America Great, gatherings. I see absolute giddy enthusiasm to express their freedom to hate openly like the past days of American greatness. I watch these images in  horror because I see a history repeating itself and it is not great. It is not great at all.


Courtesy of Photo Bucket: Bobbo Sphere

Pictures New York Daily News




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