On AT&T: Lesson Learned

p17839863Yesterday I spent three and a half hours on the phone disputing a bill with AT&T with five different customer service reps basically telling me four  different stories. My son has a cap that data is stopped if he goes over a certain amount. He is in Japan with the Navy and has an international plan plus a military discount with AT&T. I’m not disputing that he went over just why the cap didn’t kick in and now we are looking at a bill for $2,800

The first rep sees this and can’t explain why it didn’t kick in but it should have.We go over payments (he hadn’t missed one), over a change to increase data, and a look at the plan. He puts me on hold to verify something and we get disconnected after 40mins.  Le Sigh Le Sigh Le Sigh (I really am saying fuck, fuck, fuck because I know that when I get transferred I will have to start all over and because he had me on hold for almost 30 mins of our conversation I sense this is bigger than what I thought).

So the second rep doesn’t see any notes from the first and has no idea who I was speaking because she CLAIMS that the person you speak to previously is not on the chain of your account. I worked in customer service before and find that hard to believe but ok to so I repeat the issue. Luckily she sees the same ‘cap’ the first rep saw (GREAT!) but this is an IT issue and and international phone line issue and because he has a military discounted account she has to transfer me to another department. (NOT GREAT)  Le sigh

Since there is no lead in with the transfer I have to start all over again, again with the third rep. This rep does not see at all what the first two reps saw and can’t figure out what happened. We go over dates and payments…each month it is paid in full etc so what happened that this cap didn’t kick in? Shouldn’t there be a text when he goes over the data? I’ve gotten that MANY times but he can’t see anything significant on the account and speaks to a manager who offers a $250 credit. So I ask to THAT manager.

Third rep manager Sean tells me that the cap is not guaranteed. I ask if if it is  offered why it is not guaranteed? My son expected that once his bill reached a certain amount that he would not be able to go over his minutes till he paid it. We go back and forth. He is not pleasant and I am not pleasant. I feel he is talking in circles and not answering the only thing I’m really questioning WHY DIDN’T THE CAP KICK IN? He tells me to hold on he is going to discuss it with his manager and he comes back and says

That cap is not guaranteed and we are not going to give any credit. Nothing.

Now the tone in which he said was like a punch in the gut. I’m done with Sean and ask to speak to HIS manager that told him that.

So now I am transferred to the fifth customer service rep the second manager.My blood pressure is high and I’m feeling almost lost as the circle speak is not clear because no explanation matches the one before it. Customer service rep manager Cecilia tells me two calls were made to the phone to inform us that the data was going over. I ask, well if he was going over why did’t you stop like its set up to do and she said this

We don’t stop our customers from using their phones.

Even though he has the cap?

We actually someone called and cancelled the cap she then tells me.


I spoke to FOUR different reps before her and all were looking through the account and not one ever said this. Three hours on the phone. Four people looking at notes and NOW I hear that it was canceled. Hmmmm

I ask her if I can get a copy of the notes and a transcripts of the call. I knew it would be a no but I decided to ask because you don’t know till you know for sure.

So, I have no proof of what the first and second rep tell me (except my notes on the conversation) compared to the story of what reps three and four tell me. It is very frustrating. 

In the meantime AT&T contacted me by way of twitter DM but since I had spoken with a rep they could not do anything for me. I recounted my tale to them plus the different responses I got from each rep.

The lesson I learned throughout this is to skip speaking to customer service- detail everything via DM, email or chat on their services.

It is the ONLY way you get verification of what each rep says. 

If the first customer service rep tells you there was an error and the second confirms there could be an error but they don’t work in IT and refer you to the third and fourth rep who says the safeguard to stop your data when it reaches a certain amount is not guaranteed and yells at you in his Donal Trumpesque voice you GET NOTHING and the the fourth tells you there is no such thing as this magical safeguard that the first confirmed then tells you  it was canceled. You will have no proof of anything and so you are stuck.

Now I need to go to the relaxation spot inside myself and calm the fuck down while I prepare to pay this outrageous bill.





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