I just don’t know what else to say. Even the governor of MN says if the driver had been white he would still be alive. I’m so tired yet I’m so angry. My tears flowed hard and heavy when I saw the 15yo son of Alton Sterling break down on television. My heart broke when I listened to Philando Castile’s 4yo daughter comfort her mama after watching her daddy gunned down FOR NO DAMN REASON!

Stop telling us these punk ass cops feared for their lives when a black man is running away from them with hands up while a white man can POINT a gun at a cop and still live!

Stop telling us All Lives Matter when it is clear that the lives of black people matter less than a lion or a gorilla in your mind.

Stop telling us we are racist because we ask for the same damn privileges of freedom you enjoy all your damn life.

Stop telling us Black Lives Matter is a fucking hate group when it has never threatened people nor did the Black Panthers but yet the KKK has slaughtered black people since its existence and they still exist and our presidential nominee gives them a pass.

Choke on your Independence Day. We want Freedom too

flag of black people

Take off the uniform and put on your KKK hoodie  leave it to a sister to be one of the first to speak up.


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