On White Supremacy: Slain Dallas Cop

I watch MSNBC from the time I wake, throughout the day, and before I go to sleep at night. No matter what I’m watching I always flip to MSNBC to see if anything in the world has changed. Most often the shit that led the news in the morning is the same shit ending the news at night but I have to check…just in case.

This morning, although I’m on vacation my routines is not much different. I flip on to MSNBC to see the son of Atlon Sterling was on air asking for peace during this trying time. This 15yo boy has now been given the role to preach to the black community on how to demonstrate against the system killing black folks. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

Then I hop onto my phone to the Huffington Post and come across this article about slain Dallas police officer Lorne Ahrens (original article here) and his connections to white supremacist groups. Have any of you heard about that? Please read the link

Not a peep uttered on MSNBC. I doubt CNN or FOX news picked it up because it does not fit their narrative that cops are good and black men are always bad.

I’m sure MSNBC and other news groups are saying they are not reporting on this out of respect for the family. Yet, this is exactly what black communities are dealing with when they wake up in the morning and it the sidewalk…white supremacist dressed as cops. So tell me why I shouldn’t be angry that not only is this man in a uniform but he is also now a hero with a sitting President and former at a memorial service for him? How does that work?

When a black man is shot the media goes all the way back to the ‘cruise to America’ to find dirt on him.

News Report: We did some discovery on the victim and his great great great grandfather’s cousin started a riot on the ship . He was very disruptive, caused a commotion and two white men were killed. The victim by association is not all that innocent. End Report

When that baby fell into the gorilla pit the ‘media’ dug up the father’s criminal record. WTF did that have to do with that baby falling into a gorilla pit but yet every news station reported it. But a white supremacist cop dead from a black shooter only gets respect and no reporting on his views that affect the black community at large.

They dug up Trayvon Martin’s school records and Facebook posts to discredit him and yet this cop gets a nice pass for his affiliations?  His white supremacist tattoos were totally unnoticed by all the ‘good cops’ on the force?  I’m sure he kept his racism in check and didn’t let it come into play in his work <insert massive eye roll here>

Must be nice to get that kind of respect from the media?

Thanks to the Empire  of Loathing for exposing this story.



5 thoughts on “On White Supremacy: Slain Dallas Cop

  1. Thank you for your post. I agree with you on all fronts and feel that Whites, especially in the media, love to highlight problems to take the attention off the fault of the police officers. The question becomes when are we as a collective going to stand against this damaging rhetoric and expose the real cause of all these issues: The white cops in blue to fail to protect and serve.


    1. I have posted this everywhere, emailed, tweeted all news stations…nothing. please forward. I think this is horrible how he gets this pass. Yet, every news station is telling us to have empathy for this man….uggghhhhh disgusting

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