On Style: A Sucker Born Every Minute


Per the New York Post upscale stores like Barney’s and Nordstom are selling Golden Goose Distressed sneakers…I would say beat to shit sneakers…for $600, duct tape included.

$600!!!!!! I have never heard of Golden Goose sneakers and now I know why.

I’m over here stressing over how to make a dollar out of fifteen cents when all I had to do was dig out some beat up sneakers from a dumpsters and VOILA…$600 in my back pocket.

Who are these people that think this is fashionable? I need to meet them. The Post called it poverty appropriation. Of all the things to appropriate poverty is now on the list. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised it seems we are a society of posers.


Are these sneakers mocking poverty?

I guess its not too far down the totem pole considering we have distressed shirts and denim. People like a worn out look as long as its new and cost a good chunk of change but this does seem a bit much.

I know if anyone I know personally bought a pair of these shoes I’d give them the WTF look and start looking through my closet for some old shit to put together. 2001




On Dresses: Party Style

The ONE thing I love about the holiday season is the holiday parties. I prefer dresses because it takes the guess work out of finding a top and a bottom…all I need to obsess over is the proper shoe which usually turns into a major meltdown.

There have been many times when I tried to step out of myself and buy a dress that I felt reflected a more creative side of me but it never ended comfortably. It is hard being beautiful if you are constantly wondering if others like a dress you are not even sure about. I’m a firm believer in wardrobe reflecting your comfort zone and then adding accessories or smaller bits that may create a bolder side.

Last week I discovered the stylewe.com site and I have been on it everyday since.  Here are a few of the dresses I am spying…






The dresses selected here are in my cart. I picked them  because they are simple which fits my style. As much as I love prints and really bright colors on others I can’t seem to pull it off. These prints are pretty basic and grey is just my go-to color, even more so than black.

Hopefully they will get here on Tuesday  and I if I’m feeling bold I’ll add some pics of myself in them…I’m really camera shy.

Now to find the shoes…

On Kick Starting Your Day: ACV Detox

My mom drinks  Apple Cider Vinegar/Lemon/Cayenne Pepper combination everyday. Granted we both have great genes, that melanin thing, but she swears this is the drink that keeps her skin glowing, gives her the energy boost she needs, and keeps her blood sugar low. Win/Win/Win.

Although there are no direct medical research this drink works for clearer skin, weight loss or as an energy booster a lot of people swear by it. I drink this juice when I start to feel mentally sluggish due to bad eating habits and the need to do a detox. It is my goal starting the first of the year to drink this everyday for three months to see if I see the results I see in my mother. She really has flawless skin and I do notice my face a little clearer. By taking it for a continuous period I am hoping to see more of a change in my skin and mental clarity. I’m really looking for something to combat this dragging lethargic feeling. I don’t want to try any pre-packaged over the counter concoctions I see in the store. I’m trying to stay natural.

Apple Cider Vinegar– is a ph balancer and helps restore alkalinity in the body which can boost metabolism, strengthen immunity, and slow the aging-process to give you clearer, wrinkle-free skin.

Lemon Juice– Helps to flush toxins, helps to prevent acne and premature skin aging issues, plus aids in weight loss. Lemons contain pectin, a soluble fiber that has been shown to help with weight loss.

Cayenne Pepper– A metabolic booster that aids the body in burning fat and boost immune system. Also helps with headaches. I suffer with migraines and I’m definitely going to watch to see if this helps alleviate some of those symptoms when hormonal balance is completely off key.

Honey -A natural energy booster as well as helps with memory. It is not sugar and much healthier to add to your foods. My mom uses it in her coffee. I love honey but have not elevated to adding it in my coffee


1. Eight ounce glass of warm water.
2. 2 tablespoons of ACV
3.Half a lemon (some people do 1-2 tablespoons)
4. One pinch of cayenne pepper. In an effort to get an immediate kick once I added three pinches. I DEEPLY REGRETTED THAT. Cayenne pepper is strong and hot, very hot. Trust me just a pinch is all you need.

tumblr_lu8zhb0oeb1r0t52g5. Half a tablespoon of honey for taste. I love raw honey, its in a solid form and it is delicious. I don’t have any in the house right now so I am drinking this without honey this week.

My mom drinks this detox drink once a day but I’m going to drink it twice. Once in the morning and the other around midday when I start slowing down.

If you are looking for a natural pick me up with great skin care benefits you should try it.

On PoppedHomemade: Body Butter Goodness

wp-1450272445447.jpegI love a good body butter with a light scent that does not overpower and keeps my hands and body moisturized for more than a half hour. I was lucky to get two samples from the fabulous creations of Popped Handmade and am over the moon with her Minty Tangerine and Chocolate Mint.

Poppedhanmade is the creation of Carla Miles from Chicago. I did a blog feature on her several months ago. I was drawn to her positive and inspiring post.

She is a woman with a family not content with the status quo but empowered to create and establish her own business in homemade skin care products. I wish her much success in her endeavors and plan to continue to support her efforts because…sistah to sistah we have to roll like that.

Please visit her shop on Esty and follow her on Instagram and Facebook


popped homeade


On Skincare: Coffee Scrubs

I was never huge on scrubs till my daughter ordered  a coffee scrub from Frank Body. I absolutely fell in love with the smell and how radiant my skin looked after the first use. Once I discovered the hundreds of combinations I could make with coffee on  Pinterest I was all set to concoct my own.

Why Coffee?
Coffee is rich with antioxidants and a great anti-inflammatory agent. Coffee combined with salt and/or brown sugar is a great exfoliator and the caffeine works to tighten the skin.

coffee-body-scrub-331 cup ground coffee
1/2 cup Himalayan Pink Salt and/or brown sugar
1/4-avocado oil/coconut oil/grapeseed oil/olive oil/almond oil


Combine ingredients in a small bowl. You get to play with how much or how little you want to make or the combinations you care to use. I prefer a heavier oil like avocado but I love the combination of the coconut oil scent mixed with the coffee. Invigorating!

I use this scrub on my whole body so  I apply it while I’m in the shower. The oil from the scrub helps moisturize the skin and makes it feel so smooth. It really helps with the excema I occasionally get in the winter months on my chest and back-I will leave out the salt in the mix when I apply it on those areas.

I would love to hear any feedback/reviews  on any of these home skincare suggestions if you try them. Healthy firm skin is something we all strive for, especially as we get older and I feel these natural solutions are a smart and less expensive solution to our woes.

Don’t forget to drink that water and eat those green leafy vegetables.

Have a great weekend!!!

On Skincare: ACV Toner

After I cleanse my face using the Oil Cleansing Method I use a toner spritz of Apple Cider Vinegar and green tea.

ACV has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it’s main function is to balance skin’s pH. Adding green tea to ACV plus essential oils, you can create an amazingly healthy toner for your face!

71s1bwsudgl-_sl1500_Cider Vinegar 2oz
Water 2oz. ( I used to use tap water but I switched to bottled water or at least boiled or distilled water. Rhode Island tap is harsh)
3 Green Tea teabags (I use the caffeinated tea because caffeine is good for the skin so a double win)
10 drops Jojoba Oil (a wonderful moisturizer that closely resembles the sebum in your skin’s structure)

Boil water, add tea bags, and allow to steep for 20 minutes. Allow tea mixture to cool, and pour into a spray bottle. Add ACV, Tea, Jojoba Oil, and mix well.

Mix all ingredients well, and pour in a spray bottle. Spritz on face. Don’t worry about the smell. If you do this at night it takes less than a half hour for the smell to fade. I like to use it in the morning so I make sure it is the first thing I do to give it that time.

To moisturize my face I use a variety of oils from coconut to avocado. Right now I am using avocado. Avocado is my go to in the winter months as it treats my eczema and a bit heavier moisturizer in the cold months.

*Occasionally I will add Tea Tree oil to the mix as it is an excellent anti-fungal oil.

**I buy empty spray bottles at the dollar store or Target. I am goint to start buying labels because we’ve had a few mishaps due to bottles not having labels on them LOL

***Apple cider vinegar is also great for the hair. I use it as a rinse. Check out this post from miamiaaa.com to see why.

Tomorrow I will post my favorite facial and body scrub. I love coffee in more ways than one 🙂

On Aging & Skin Care: The Oil Cleansing Method


Update: I originally posted this about nine months ago and decided to revisit it because of how harsh the cold weather is on my skin. I suffer very dry skin in the winter and really do find the oil cleansing method to be the best for me during these months. If you are looking for skincare that helps keep your skin soft then I really do suggest giving this a try. As a woman of certain age it really helps to eliminate wrinkles and dry skin and gives skin a healthy glow. Tomorrow I will post my favorite exfoliate and toner…all natural products. 

Flawless skin has eluded me my entire life. If I had a receipt for every product that promised me clear beautiful pimple free, even toned, poreless skin I could recycle a forest. I have bought expensive products at high end stores that cost me seventy dollars an ounce to minimally priced products at local drugstores. I’ve even retried brands I knew to be a complete fail just because some hot shot marketing major made the box fancier. I get suckered in by ads and pretty boxes.  Yes, I am a total sucker. A complete product junkie.

Now, I don’t have really bad skin. I get a pimple now and then, I have a few dark marks that seem to come and go when they want but I don’t have the skin I want, you know the wake up without a blemish pretty as a baby’s skin, and I don’t understand why.

I used to think it had something to do with my diet so I tried to eat all the right foods and drink plenty of water. Then one day I ran into a friend from high school who always had flawless skin, I mean really beautiful, not a pimple or mark on her face, simply picture perfect skin. Here she was twenty years after graduation, an ex-crack addict, a habitual Newport cigarette smoker, and living in shelter and her skin was still picture perfect. I listened to her tell me about her hard times and all the wrong decisions she made in her life and the entire time my shallow mind was thinking:

‘WTF!!!! Here I am chugging a gallon of water a day and she’s been puffing on a crack pipe and her skin is still perfect!’ That is so goddamn unfair!

I know that is terrible but dayummmm…

About five years ago I read about the oil cleansing method. I gave it a try and I absolutely love it. My skin is still not porcelain perfect but I believe this method has been the best way to clean my skin and keep it as young looking as possible.

If you are a naturalist you most likely will love this method above all other facial cleansing methods.

What is the Oil Cleansing Method:

The OCM is a method of cleaning your face without soaps or harsh detergents that are found in most products. It is a gentle cleansing. Products containing surfactants strip your skin of its natural sebum which was leaving my skin dry and irritated especially in the winter months.No matter how gentle or moisturizing  an OTC cleanser said it was my skin always felt tight, something I mistook for clean. I still need a moisturizer after using the OCM but the look and feel of my skin is always radiant after a washing.

Castor Oil is used as a base in most OCM formulations because it helps to draw out toxins, slough dead skin cells, excess sebum, and dirt from your pores, while the secondary oil acts more or less as a moisturizer, and carrier oil to deliver therapeutic properties deep into the skin.

I use various oils as the carrier oil with my mix. Right now I am using sweet almond oil. In the past I  used grapeseed, jojoba, and olive oil.

oilcleansingmethod-825x1024 OCM info

1. Gently massage oil mixture into your face
2. Place a clean towel under a stream of hot, running water. Lightly wring towel, and drape it over entire face for about 1-2 minutes. This opens your pores [and gives you a mini steam treatment] allowing the Castor Oil to draw the toxins out of your skin, while the secondary oil/essential oils permeates deep into the skin, lending it’s moisturizing and therapeutic properties.
3. Remove towel, rinse thoroughly, and begin to wipe excess oil from face
4. After removing oil cleansing mixture, rinse face with cold water to close pore.

Why the OCM works for me:

I have normal to oily skin and I do wear a foundation most days, to cover up those random dark marks that seem to just appear. The OCM is the best at removing makeup imo bar none. When I first started using this method I used to check with a paper towel to see if all makeup was removed and I never had to go back and re-wash. When I use OTC products I always end up washing twice to rid my skin of all the makeup and dirt.

I recommend that if you are unhappy with your facial products to give this one a try. No matter your skin type I think you will find a combination that works for you.

I know some of  you hate making products so here a few commercial oil cleansing products you can buy from your favorite stores.

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil                Seed Blossom Cleansing Oil