Countdown To Election

Here we are folks just days away from a new president elect. Scary, isn’t it? I cannot wait till it is over and I hope with every cell in my body that Donald Trump experiences the most devastating loss in American politics.

I know many are trying to make this a three or four person race but it is not it is a two person race between race between the most racist disgusting human being on the planet Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

I have posted in the past how much Hillary has fallen out of favor with me. Not because of emails, which I think is another GOP hack because Bush administration destroyed 22 million emails and not one republican yelled boo about it, or because I think she is the most dishonest person on the planet. My dislike for her deemed from her run against POTUS in 2008. Like a lot of African-Americans I felt immediately protective of the first Black president to be. She seemed to graciously accept her defeat but her husband whom I still do not like has been throwing slick shade ever since.

I know many people believe they don’t trust or like Hillary but really think about where that comes from and that is from the disingenuous republican party. The same party who supported the birther controversy, the same party that had member stand up at a state of the union speech and call our president a liar, the same party that for eight years has blocked any and every bill that would help the country move out of the mess they created.

They slam her for her ambition…yeah, she is but since when is that a bad thing? I’m not going to do a whole Hillary spiel because for the last year I quoted  some of the sam republican spin. Yes, some things I have scratched my head on but do I believe she is a corrupt person, no I do not and never have.

I wanted a Bernie win but after the Convention I was with her, after listening to Donald for the last year and half I am happily with her.


For well over thirty years the GOP have tried their damnedest to bring this one woman down and yet through their own investigations they have found nothing of any real substance to ‘pin’ on her. These are their investigations that have cost millions of dollars and yet she is the one suffering the bad reputation. Either she is the most brilliant criminal master mind or their accusations are based on nothing but revenge. I vote revenge.

The election season is ending but the fight for a progressive America is not ending. Voting is only part of the process for government and I think we all think after we do that part we should just wait to see what our officials do. We can’t do that. We have to hold Hillary accountable, we have to write our senators and state representatives, we have to demand more from our mayors and governors, voting is just the beginning of a new process.

Ask yourself will you have a better time convincing Hillary, Democratic Senate and House or trying to convince a racist like Trump and the entire GOP to do right by you.? Don’t believe their hype.

So, here we are folks the end of the road and on Wednesday we will have a new president elect. Please vote for Hillary. I don’t want to live in a Trump world and I’m sure many of you do not either.



On Trump: It’s Obama’s Fault

Trump is what you get when a fringed racist electorate is full of hate and ignorance because there is an African-American man in the White House. This is where we are now. They want to tell you its because he’s honest and not a Washington player. Bullshit, we are dealing with Trump because we have a Black President in the White House and America believes the House should be White. Trump will really ratchet up the White House, well any house actually, have you seen pics of his homes? Tacky ass tacky!

But he is what the GOP base thinks can turn this country around. Around to where I don’t know but they believe in pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. I’m just trying to figure out why.

So, tonight I sat, watched and listened to Trump at his rally in Dallas. I tried to listen objectively to a person I did at one time like enough to find entertaining. I knew I was not going to hear anything about policies or much of anything important but I tried to listen with an open mind. I now know he loves women, he respects women and will be so good to our healthcare we won’t believe it…thanks Donald. I now know that President Obama does not know what he is doing and is a really, REALLY incompetent president. Despite all that good shit that happened to the economy.

I know Michelle I’m rolling my eyes too.

But I do blame Obama for Trump. If Obama could have looked more white we wouldn’t have to deal with this bottom feeder. If Obama just walked with a little more stick up the ass white men wouldn’t be so offended. If, maybe he married a white woman and had children with a little less melanin then maybe his presence in the White House would not have been so offensive. So now we have this ‘silent majority’ of racist and a few self hating blacks and hispanics sitting in the American Airlines Center cheering on a man who literally said nothing but because he is rich, white, and ignorant they cheered him on like he made a fifty yard touchdown.

Thanks Obama but this shit is not funny because we may have to deal with this asshole after you leave. No one will be smiling then. Absolutely no one.