On Style: Get Ready For Autumn!

I don’t think about fashion much until my Essence magazine comes in the mail and every month I tell myself I want to start dressing like the spreads they have laid out in their pages. Don’t get me wrong I do dress well (not right at this moment however) but magazines always get me excited about the next season.

About five September magazines arrived yesterday and although I don’t want the summer to end their fall fashion preview has me very ready to slip into a black turtleneck, wool skirt, and a cool pair of leather booties.






On Skincare: Coffee Scrubs

I was never huge on scrubs till my daughter ordered  a coffee scrub from Frank Body. I absolutely fell in love with the smell and how radiant my skin looked after the first use. Once I discovered the hundreds of combinations I could make with coffee on  Pinterest I was all set to concoct my own.

Why Coffee?
Coffee is rich with antioxidants and a great anti-inflammatory agent. Coffee combined with salt and/or brown sugar is a great exfoliator and the caffeine works to tighten the skin.

coffee-body-scrub-331 cup ground coffee
1/2 cup Himalayan Pink Salt and/or brown sugar
1/4-avocado oil/coconut oil/grapeseed oil/olive oil/almond oil


Combine ingredients in a small bowl. You get to play with how much or how little you want to make or the combinations you care to use. I prefer a heavier oil like avocado but I love the combination of the coconut oil scent mixed with the coffee. Invigorating!

I use this scrub on my whole body so  I apply it while I’m in the shower. The oil from the scrub helps moisturize the skin and makes it feel so smooth. It really helps with the excema I occasionally get in the winter months on my chest and back-I will leave out the salt in the mix when I apply it on those areas.

I would love to hear any feedback/reviews  on any of these home skincare suggestions if you try them. Healthy firm skin is something we all strive for, especially as we get older and I feel these natural solutions are a smart and less expensive solution to our woes.

Don’t forget to drink that water and eat those green leafy vegetables.

Have a great weekend!!!

On Skincare: ACV Toner

After I cleanse my face using the Oil Cleansing Method I use a toner spritz of Apple Cider Vinegar and green tea.

ACV has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it’s main function is to balance skin’s pH. Adding green tea to ACV plus essential oils, you can create an amazingly healthy toner for your face!

71s1bwsudgl-_sl1500_Cider Vinegar 2oz
Water 2oz. ( I used to use tap water but I switched to bottled water or at least boiled or distilled water. Rhode Island tap is harsh)
3 Green Tea teabags (I use the caffeinated tea because caffeine is good for the skin so a double win)
10 drops Jojoba Oil (a wonderful moisturizer that closely resembles the sebum in your skin’s structure)

Boil water, add tea bags, and allow to steep for 20 minutes. Allow tea mixture to cool, and pour into a spray bottle. Add ACV, Tea, Jojoba Oil, and mix well.

Mix all ingredients well, and pour in a spray bottle. Spritz on face. Don’t worry about the smell. If you do this at night it takes less than a half hour for the smell to fade. I like to use it in the morning so I make sure it is the first thing I do to give it that time.

To moisturize my face I use a variety of oils from coconut to avocado. Right now I am using avocado. Avocado is my go to in the winter months as it treats my eczema and a bit heavier moisturizer in the cold months.

*Occasionally I will add Tea Tree oil to the mix as it is an excellent anti-fungal oil.

**I buy empty spray bottles at the dollar store or Target. I am goint to start buying labels because we’ve had a few mishaps due to bottles not having labels on them LOL

***Apple cider vinegar is also great for the hair. I use it as a rinse. Check out this post from miamiaaa.com to see why.

Tomorrow I will post my favorite facial and body scrub. I love coffee in more ways than one 🙂

On Print Magazines: Can’t Go Digital

I’ve been in bed sick for the last several days with a bad head cold turned migraine. Not much you can do when your head feels like it is filling up with cold water but I was able to peruse a few magazines. I couldn’t concentrate enough to read but looking at ads and sexy fashion spreads always make me look forward to all the stuff I want to buy when I get well.
It kills me that printed magazines and books are doing so poorly. I love coming home to a new subscription in my mailbox and flipping through pages of eye candy and making note of what articles I’m going to read on the train the next day.
I’ve tried the digital access magazines and books on Kindle and yes, I agree they are a bit more convenient but they just don’t carry the same excitement of a physical print. I like to rip out pages and make vision boards or save certain how-to articles in folders I can go back to. I guess that’s lame but its something I don’t want to give up in this digital age.


Kerry Washington: Allure Magazine Cover


We all know she didn’t quite wake up like this but I have to agree with the countless blogs I’ve read in the last few days, this is a gorgeous cover of her. I am no fan of Olivia “crybaby,quivering lips, Pope but I love Kerry Washington. She exudes intelligence, elegance, and commitment to community. She’s a vocal activitst woman, someone whom when we see her in an interview can be proud of. Yes, I love Ms. Washington and this is a very beautiful ‘naked’ cover.o-KERRY-WASHINGTON-facebook