On Monday: Good Thoughts

This morning and throughout the day plot out your peace and stay there. Stay on your purpose and upgrade your conviction. All good things come to those who fight for it.




On Planning: Alternate Routes

I make plans and I plan to plan all my plans and sometimes in doing so I miss an opportunity because it does not quite fit in the timing of my plan and I’m too nervous to deviate from the plan.

That is weak.

Putting on the crown.

I’ve been absent the last few weeks because I have been working on my novel. I’ve decided to self-publish and its a lot of work. I wanted to have it submitted the traditional way but after a year its not working out that way. I can’t not push it out there so I’m taking the alternative route. It wasn’t part of the plan but I’m grabbing up what I have and doing it anyway.

On Hump Day: Week Plans

Hello Lovelies- Following up on my Sunday post Planning for the Week and hoping you are seeing structure and increased productivity.

With any good planning Monday and Tuesday went very well as far as planning your week. Usually, by Wednesday there are one or two minor adjustments you may  have made but hopefully you see a decrease in your to-do list and your goal list getting shorter.  Keep tracking your time and don’t forget to include a mental break in there for yourself.

Whatever your goal keep at it!


On Life: Close Doors

New beginnings often start with an ending. Doors must be closed. Trust there are times that whatever is behind them is not for you, anymore. Move on.

I hate to come off as preachy but sometimes I have to be that friend. There is nothing wrong with leaving things and even people behind. Things that brings us more stress than happiness need to go. People that bring negative energy need to go. It is hard  slamming doors on things we feel we must have and on people we think we cannot live without but everything is a process and eventually other doors open and we are guided to something better.

It really isn’t hard to know when something is not for us. When we have to talk ourselves into it everyday…not for us. When we have to convince everyone else around us that it is good…probably, not for us. If we wake up everyday dreading the hours spent doing things we don’t love and with people who consistently bring us pain and bad energy then we need find a way out… there are other doors.

To begin again we must find an ending.

Let it go. Close the Door. Move on.


Beautiful Closed Doors

On Melancholy Sundays: Hello November

I hope I never stop…

Dreaming big
Loving Superhero movies
Laugh at someone falling
kissing madly & passionately
Eating swedish fish
loving summer nights
potato chips and wine
girls night
date night
cocktails with him
dressing fabulously
open minded
dying my hair
fall in love really hard even if I’m already in love with the person
trying to decorate like I work for HGTV
french fries
learning to speak French
trying to beat that tummy fat
I never want to give up hoping…wishing…working…writing…

I will forever be in the spring of my youth no matter how many season pass



On Fashion: Friday Fashion Inspiration

I’m a huge fan of Chanel clothing. The simplicity of the style is just effortless chic. Unfortunately, the way my account is set up the only Chanel I own is the perfume.

I can’t afford her clothes but I can afford her knowledge and use it to inspire me.

Here are a few of my favorite Chanel quotes that keep me thinking I too can be this powerful one day.

This is exactly where I’m at right now creating my own space.

Is this not true? Every time I have cut my hair I was going through something I felt I needed to shed. Cutting the hair, even when subconscious,usually mean your eye is on transformation.

When it comes to my style I have maintained a specific one since high school. I may add elements of different styles when I feel I need to shake things up BUT generally I stick to what I know looks good on me. I don’t dress Chanel brand but I keep it Chanel in spirit. Gray is so my color. Know what color looks best on you and kill it.

This works for certain instances in your life but not all. Its like not taking no for an answer. Sometimes you can make a door when there wasn’t one there before. Sometimes, like in relationships, you are beating on a wall with ten feet of concrete behind it and its just not worth it. Depending why you are trying to make that door it might now be worth it. Think about it.

Have a wonderful Friday Blog Fam and Be Inspired