On Style: A Sucker Born Every Minute


Per the New York Post upscale stores like Barney’s and Nordstom are selling Golden Goose Distressed sneakers…I would say beat to shit sneakers…for $600, duct tape included.

$600!!!!!! I have never heard of Golden Goose sneakers and now I know why.

I’m over here stressing over how to make a dollar out of fifteen cents when all I had to do was dig out some beat up sneakers from a dumpsters and VOILA…$600 in my back pocket.

Who are these people that think this is fashionable? I need to meet them. The Post called it poverty appropriation. Of all the things to appropriate poverty is now on the list. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised it seems we are a society of posers.


Are these sneakers mocking poverty?

I guess its not too far down the totem pole considering we have distressed shirts and denim. People like a worn out look as long as its new and cost a good chunk of change but this does seem a bit much.

I know if anyone I know personally bought a pair of these shoes I’d give them the WTF look and start looking through my closet for some old shit to put together. 2001




On Fashion: We’ve Come A Long Way Baby

It’s not Thursday but this Throwback couldn’t wait. This morning a friend of mine posted on her Facebook page a link from  MeTv of fashion ads for men from the 70’s

OMG!!!!! I’m still laughing. I guess I remember some of these looks but I swear my uncles were a lot more stylish than these pics would lead anyone born in the eighties and nineties to believe. One of my uncles was the splitting image of Richard Roundtree including the black leather jacket…the original Shaft for you millennial babies…


But my uncles were not all of the men of the 70’s obviously and what was happening outside of my inner circle is nothing but straight hilarity.

I do remember those ponchos. I had one when I was ten. I killed it. But I look at this picture and all I can do is scream ‘FOR WHY?” and Please don’t ever bring these back!

Hey Mike Brady!!!!



DUDE!!!!!! I think Prince revamped that purple suit and ruffles.


This burns my eyes.


Cheers to forever sleeping alone.

Manly (Mad) Men

I’m my co-workers stylist. Whenever he has a big date, wedding, or need for a new stand-out piece he consults with me. We usually hit the stores around lunch. Last week we were searching for something for a wedding. Now Guy is not a small guy. He is big-boned, if you will. He’s a six foot three inch, healthy, lacrosse playing, sushi eating All-American kinda guy. So, why is it so hard to find pants that fit his thick muscular thighs and a sweater that is broad enough for his chest at stores like Club Monaco and Banana Republic?

This is not the first time. At first I thought it was because these stores are so popular that they just ran out of larger sizes quickly. Now I think they don’t stock as many longer pant lengths with wider waists or extra-large sweaters and shirts. Store associates are constantly referring us to the website where of course you can find a larger selection in the big and tall section but why not stock more of those lengths and widths in the store?

So are men now being subjected to the size discrimination that women suffer when they shop? Most women over a size twelve cannot shop in cute little stores like my fave Zara and now I see that men, bigger men, are maybe suffering the same discrimination(?).


Oh, and when did the size of men’s heads shrink? We were looking for a classic style driving hat but they were soooooooooooo tiny. They would have fit a big head five-year old boy perfectly but a grown ass man, no so much. I actually ended up buying myself a cute fedora from Club Monaco.