On Style: A Sucker Born Every Minute


Per the New York Post upscale stores like Barney’s and Nordstom are selling Golden Goose Distressed sneakers…I would say beat to shit sneakers…for $600, duct tape included.

$600!!!!!! I have never heard of Golden Goose sneakers and now I know why.

I’m over here stressing over how to make a dollar out of fifteen cents when all I had to do was dig out some beat up sneakers from a dumpsters and VOILA…$600 in my back pocket.

Who are these people that think this is fashionable? I need to meet them. The Post called it poverty appropriation. Of all the things to appropriate poverty is now on the list. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised it seems we are a society of posers.


Are these sneakers mocking poverty?

I guess its not too far down the totem pole considering we have distressed shirts and denim. People like a worn out look as long as its new and cost a good chunk of change but this does seem a bit much.

I know if anyone I know personally bought a pair of these shoes I’d give them the WTF look and start looking through my closet for some old shit to put together. 2001




On Fashion: We’ve Come A Long Way Baby

It’s not Thursday but this Throwback couldn’t wait. This morning a friend of mine posted on her Facebook page a link from  MeTv of fashion ads for men from the 70’s

OMG!!!!! I’m still laughing. I guess I remember some of these looks but I swear my uncles were a lot more stylish than these pics would lead anyone born in the eighties and nineties to believe. One of my uncles was the splitting image of Richard Roundtree including the black leather jacket…the original Shaft for you millennial babies…


But my uncles were not all of the men of the 70’s obviously and what was happening outside of my inner circle is nothing but straight hilarity.

I do remember those ponchos. I had one when I was ten. I killed it. But I look at this picture and all I can do is scream ‘FOR WHY?” and Please don’t ever bring these back!

Hey Mike Brady!!!!



DUDE!!!!!! I think Prince revamped that purple suit and ruffles.


This burns my eyes.


Cheers to forever sleeping alone.

On Style: Get Ready For Autumn!

I don’t think about fashion much until my Essence magazine comes in the mail and every month I tell myself I want to start dressing like the spreads they have laid out in their pages. Don’t get me wrong I do dress well (not right at this moment however) but magazines always get me excited about the next season.

About five September magazines arrived yesterday and although I don’t want the summer to end their fall fashion preview has me very ready to slip into a black turtleneck, wool skirt, and a cool pair of leather booties.





On Blogs: Style Dominance

When I need visual guides for style and fashion I turn to these ladies and their RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME BLOGS & INSTAGRAMS

Freddie Harrel & Atlantic-Pacific

I discovered Freddie about a year ago on Instagram, she is a stylist at ASOS but has created some cool styling videos and empowerment videos in her she-unleashed workshops. She is a Parisian living in London and is my style hero.

Atlantic-Pacific has been my go-to for the last five years or so. I love her style and she just slays everyday.

Today I’ve been running around like crazy-writing papers, doing taxes, checking out real estate. I’ m just getting a moment to myself and fantasizing about myself in their closets. #Istalkthem #notashamedtho




On Style: Fashion in Box

I love that we are living in a time where we can get just about anything at our front door. I have subscribed to more than a few (before I had to get financially fit) from make-up and hair to shoes and groceries. I went a little crazy and had to reassess what I was spending because frankly I was disappointed more than I was happy with some of the products. But as always Instagram has me re-thinking yet another ‘in the box’ deal…a whole outfit.

Style is important to me. I don’t obsess over it but I want to look good and I want to present myself in the best possible way, most days anyway. As I get older I often wonder if I am dressing my age, whether it be too young or too old, your mind sometimes can’t seem to be make the connection of age as your body does. Career wear is pretty simple for me. I like a wrap dress or a simple sheath both go well with a mid heel or flat.

Now evening wear is where I fumble. I like a mature look I guess but feel out of sorts in a sexy look so if there is a simple sexy look like a sexy wrap then I’m all in for it. I always feel like I need a second, third and fourth opinion when going out. I end up changing many times before I settle and my out of the box looks never make me feel comfortable. I hate feeling my outfit is boring yet simple styles work best for me although in my head I want to change it up. I end up with a slight variation on the dresses above. I would like to be a bit more daring in the evening even with some of my daytime looks. Annnnnnnd that is when I feel a stylist on hand would be wonderful but I question these online ‘in a box’ even if I love them at first.

When I tried Shoe Dazzle I was throughly disappointed every time. I wanted to stretch but  I think they took it past my limits. I found a lot of the shoes cheap looking. Even the flats were not up to my taste.


Just not me

I came across Stitch Fix online and it offers styling in a box for all areas of your life- career, evening and weekend. Looking at the boxes on Instagram  enticed me to take their online style test. I loved the looks but would I love the look when it landed on my front porch?

I didn’t see a lot for evening wear but there were a few and I loved their boho chic and casual wear…very funky. I question if I want to spend $200 and upwards on one outfit a month though and what my financial goals are for this year seems a bit much. I’ve been putting together a fashion vision board for myself because I have so many magazines I’ve been clipping pictures of styles I like. I think if I focus on what I’m comfortable in and tip toe my way to more eccentric looks it will be on my own terms but I still love the idea of this box!



On Online Mags: I Want That!

I’m just obsessing over a few things right now on this cold day in Rhode Island.

Print and Bright Color-Domino.com


Because I seek out Gabrielle Unions look #mymuse




On Natural Hair: Steaming



My daughter bought the Q-Redew handheld hair steamer about a year ago. We are product junkies in this house but sometimes we do not get to all the products we buy right away but a whole year is a bit ridiculous even for us.

This winter I wore my hair out a lot, more than what my favorite natural hair bloggers and  youtube vloggers suggest for winter months but I can only take so much of protective styles. My hair definitely needed the extra moisture boost and although my L.O.C. method helped I still felt my hair was not moisturized enough. After reading a few articles on the benefits of hair steaming I broke out the unused Q-Redew in hopes if would do as promised.

The first time I didn’t really notice much of a difference and I attributed the smoothness of my hair to the the products I used after. But one of the benefits of steaming hair is the steam lifts the cuticle of the hair to allow better penetration of moisturizing products. My hair felt better but it was not until the second and third steaming that I really noticed the difference in my hair specifically my ends. My ends are usually dry and every day I spray the ends and put a moisturizing butter on them but by end of day they feel dry again. Since I started steaming my hair it appears that my strands are holding moisture better. I definitely feel the difference because my ends feel much smoother, seriously, much smoother.  I think I can attribute that to smoother cuticles and moisture. I am in love!

Benefits of Hair Steaming

  1. Steaming lifts the hair cuticles to allow for better penetration of hair products. If you do the L.O.C. method  steaming will definitely improve the absorption of the products and oils you use.
  2. Reduce the breakage of hair. My hair would usually tangle from the ends but because the ends were dry but now they are fully hydrated and I don’t have to keep spraying them throughout the day.
  3. Improves elasticity. Less shrinkage. For me I want my hair to stretch as much as possible without breaking to give me the heightened fro I love. Steaming keeps allows the hair to stretch without breakage.
  4. Enhances curl definition. Isn’t this what most of us strive for? The extra moisture helps to reshape and give your curl pattern an extra boost.
  5. Cleans the Scalp. The steam helps to remove product buildup from scalp and opens up pores.
  6. Hair Growth. Clean and healthy scalp lead to hair growth. Steaming increases the blood flow to the scalp and helps to circulate our natural oils.



The two holes emit the steam and you run the steamer through your hair from roots to ends. Don’t forget to get steam on the scalp. The steam definitely gets hot so be careful.

I really wish I started steaming my hair at the very beginning of my hair journey, it would have saved me a lot of breakage and sad days. Since I have been steaming my hair my fro, set by permrods, have looked awesome and last for a week. A steam touch up helps through the week that is for sure but the curls are are more defined and strong.

If you don’t want to invest in a steamer just yet you can try just steaming your hair in the shower. After a few days you will see a difference and the investment in a steamer will be worth it.