On Reading: 52 Books in 365 Days

I’ve been challenged. One of my dearest friends read 52 books last year and knowing how much I love books passed on the challenge to me. Not long ago a reading challenge like this would have been easy peasy.
As I mentioned last post,  2015 was a bit of a disaster. As much as I enjoy reading, I honestly, could not stay focus enough to read more than five novels last year. I usually read at least twenty+ books a year so finding the time to read 52 may prove to be a teeny bit difficult. I think giving up two hours of tv should cover it.

First, on my list is Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes. I bought this book back in the summer, started it twice and still only managed to get to page thirty four…sad. I love Mr. King and just about anything he writes I will gobble up in a few days, even the five hundred pages novels, so for me not to be further along is example of how off my year was.
So here I start my challenge with Book #1


How about you my wonderful blogging family, anything you missed out on last year and want to recapture in 2015?


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